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Having been in this business for over 47 years, we have heard a ton of questions! Far and away, the most frequently asked question we get is “How much will it cost for an all over paint job on my vehicle?” However, this is not a one-price-fits-all question; it involves several variables and therefore we are unable to provide a quote over the phone or based on photographs. Trust us, we would love to have a simple price for these jobs, but this one is pretty complicated! Find out why on this week’s Ask the Experts!

There are many factors that go in to assessing the necessary process needed to paint a vehicle. This is why we can’t have a set price. Some of the variables are the condition of the current paint on the vehicle. For example, is the clear coat peeling? Is the paint faded? Has is become de-laminated or are there cracks in the current paint? This can all affect how much we will need to sand and prep your vehicle for a fresh coat of paint, making a phone or photo estimate nearly impossible!

Another factor when considering a paint job estimate are hidden issues, such as rust or dents and dings that may be included in the estimation for a paint job. When getting quotes, you may want to clarify whether they will be painting the entirety of the car, or is they will just be doing the visible areas. Many shops will do an economy paint job, which can help reduce costs, but this will not include certain areas of your vehicle getting painted, such as the door jambs, the inside of the trunk, or the underside of the hood. While this may seem cost effective, it will leave you with different colored areas on your vehicle.

While this may seem overwhelming, have no fear! Our paint and body experts here at Charles County Auto Body will be more than happy to provide you with a free, no obligation estimate for your car or trucks paint job. Please give us a call today at 301.743.5404 to set up an appointment with one of our friendly Estimators!